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Disney Role Playing Community

Where Mad RP Dreams Come True

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Maintainers: Under new management as of June 21st, 2006!

Thank you to our original mod (and creator) grimshogun for all your hard work thus far.

Your friendly neighbourhood mods are now aerora & cowardly_hero

Welcome to Disney RPG, a role playing community based on any and all characters that have appeared in Disney films. Anyone can participate as long as you submit a proper application, follow all of the rules, and enjoy RPing as whatever character available for you to use. Please read all of the rules and guidelines before joining.

Once you've been accepted, it is imperative that you join disneyrpg__ooc, the OOC community, in order to be kept on updates, discuss plots between characters, let other members know about your absences, etc.

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Guidelines to Joining Disney RPG
Role Playing Guidelines/Tips
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Guidelines to Joining Disney RPG

To join Disney RPG, you must first apply an application to be approved by the community mods. If you wish to join but not participate in the RPG (just want to read RPs), then just request to be a member in an LJ comment on the applications post that you just want to view RPs. You won't gain posting or commenting access on RPs. However, for those who want to RP...

Application Guidelines

Please read & fill out the application form located on this post.

You will be guaranteed a response within 24-48 hours.

After Acceptance

Once you have been accepted, the modly types will let you know when you are allowed to do the following (NOTE: Please only proceed once you've been officially accepted by the mods!):

  • Create your username/s for your character/s.
    This is a must. You may not use your personal journal. After completion, please post your RP-journal's name below your application (reply in a comment) so it can be added to the members-contact list.

  • Create a LJ user icon for your character/s.
    Uhm...I can make you a generic-looking icon for your character, but I feel as if I can trust you with making your own icon. Please make it have a clear image of your character. I don’t really want there to be any text, but I won’t feel any sort of bad feelings towards you if you have text. ^_^

    This post is basically a sort of user-info for your Disney character. It is recommended that you start out your character with a life similar to the one from the movie. Let your RPGs guide you towards new experiences. They don't have to be too long. Please see other previous examples for tips on writing up your own character-bio.

    Then write a biography of some sort on your character's userinfo (you can simply copy/paste the bio-post biography onto your userinfo) so other characters can take a gander upon the situation that someone is unfamiliar with the movie of your character.

  • Role Playing Guidelines

    So, how does this community work, you may wonder (after reading through an obscenely large amount of text). I’ll try to not make RPing seem to difficult—but I’m trying to organize all RPs in a way that will be easy for anyone to view and participate in them.

    For those who don’t know, RP/RPG stands for Role Playing Game. To put it simply, role playing is presenting yourself as a character (a role) and participating in a certain storyline with other people who are presenting themselves as another character (hence the word ‘roleplay’).

    In Disney RPG, RPs will be done in a different method of playing from this point on...little details are still being worked out at the moment, however...so please RP in any which way you wish until a modly post explains otherwise. :) are done in a certain manner that can help keep you less confused.

    First of all, there are FOUR TYPES OF RPs:


    In this type of RP, you simply start a new post that begins your RP. All characters that want to be in an RP should comment on THAT post. For example, you’re RPing as Aladdin, and you want to start an RP with you in Agrabah, you just start. Any characters can join in, but you must invent your own reason what Ariel’s doing in Agrabah. When the RP ends is up to anyone who decides to leave in the RP, and you just don’t return. There can be aa many single story line RPs as you want there to be. Characters do NOT have to be consistent through RPs. The POST LAYOUT:

    SUBJECT: RP Title and RP Type
    ENTRY: Description of what is going on in the beginning of your RP


    This is basically RP freedom. You have characters all over the place, meeting in different areas, splitting up, doing different stuff. For example, if you have Ariel swimming around, and you want her to somehow meet Aladdin, then both characters can start in their own worlds ON THAT POST or whatever and somehow meet up. You just create a new post, the SAME characters going there, and do your story. This is what most RPers will probably use. Still, all of the characters involved on there should comment on THAT post. If the story gets too long, someone should create a NEW post to continue it. The POST LAYOUT:

    SUBJECT: RP Title and RP Type
    ENTRY: 1) Description of what is going on in the beginning of your RP

    Second and extra parts to RPs:

    SUBJECT: RP Title and RP Type
    ENTRY: Description of what was previously going on in the RP, and all members previously involved

    Of course, when you already started an RP, and see a neat RP that you wish to join, you can create a...


    If you already started an RP and want to join someone in their RP, then you can request the CREATOR of the RP to merge the storylines and ASK THEM to create a new post. This is only necessary if you wish to join the RP with YOUR STORY LINE AND CHARACTERS. If you have several other characters in your storyline, and they don’t want to merge, then you can choose to still join the other storyline by yourself. This happens when two or perhaps even SEVERAL DIFFERENT STORY LINES merge together that previously had no connection. This create complete MADNESS, but you can do it if like. The POST LAYOUT:

    SUBJECT: RP Title / Previous RP Title/ "MERGED STORY LINE RP"
    ENTRY: Description of what is going on in the beginning of your RP, and all members previously involved


    This is for when you just want to play the role as your character, but make a post as if you're posting in your LJ. Other members can comment, but you must ALL STAY IN CHARACTER. I allowed this for people to feel more relaxed and to create humor by just communicating with other Disney characters.

  • Community Organization

    All RPs are categorized into memory entries to allow easy access for all members. If you want to see an RP from ages ago, you can easily go the Disney Memories page to see all of the RPs created since the beginning of the community.

    Role Playing Tips

  • Please, please, PLEASE be sure to spell check and correct any grammar mistakes when RPing. It's annoying to see people being lax with grammar. I know people make spelling mistakes sometimes, but don't be lazy and have a ton of errors for no reason.

  • Try to always make it clear what status your character is in. If you’re RPing as Hercules, try to start your RPs showing whether he’s in high school or already a famous hero.

  • Speaking in first person may not be the best choice for all RPs.

  • Try to always see how you can progess an RP. Making short replies may or may not be a good choice. It all depends on the mood and action in the RP, so always be aware of the two.

  • When a new person comes into your RP and has a comment near the bottom of the page, try to involve them in the RP by replying to them, to prevent the comments reaching far to the right of the screen.

  • When participating in other people’s RPs, it’s probably best to make an OOC note on what status your character is in.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    The Rules

    So enough of the excessive explanation. Here are the rules!

    1. Be friendly! Don’t be mean towards other members unless your character is doing so in the RP.

    2. If you get started in an RP, try to keep up. If you believe you won’t be able to participate in an RP you’re deep in, please contact me.

    3. Try not to use too much profanity. It’s allowed, but don’t go crazy. :O

    4. Anything goes, but please put up disclaimers to warn other members. If there will be a sexually explicit scene, please write this in a disclaimer. Also, if you plan on slashing characters, please discuss it with the others of the same film in order to correspond. Please do not change your character upon doing this, however.

    5. If a character wants to join your RP, let them.

    6. Do not harass any of the members of the community.

    7. If you have something out-of-character to say, please take it to disneyrpg__ooc.

    8. No godmoding (taking over the RP, controlling other members characters, ect.).

    9. Kingdom Hearts characters are allowed.

    People breaking the rules will be killed by me. :D

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com


    I need help understanding a part of the rules/Guidelines

    Please leave your question in the out-of-character community
    disneyrpg__ooc, where other members will gladly help you out.

    What if I want to see other RPs, but I don’t want to participate in them?

    You can request to become a member, and I'll accept you. You won't be given the priviledge of posting or leaving comments on private posts.

    What about non-animated characters?

    As long as it's Disney, it's A-OK in my books. It'll make for interesting plot.

    What if a person is using a character I need to control for my storyline?

    You’re not supposed to control other characters that are already members, or characters you didn’t apply for. You can control them for certain RPs if no one has signed up for them/no one minds you using them/ another member will momentarily RP them.

    What about animated movies by companies owned by Disney/associated with Disney?

    The Nightmare Before Christmas and all that jazz is allowed. If you have a question about an animated movie, please leave a post in disneyrpg__ooc

    What if I have a problem with one of the characters RPers?

    Hopefully it will never come to this, but we're not saying it can't happen (ah, such is humanity). If it does happen, try to talk it out and if that won't work, come to the mods and we'll try to sort things out.

    My character is cartoon, and the person I'm RPing with has a fleshy live-action character. WTF.

    Yes. It's weird. But if Kingdom Hearts II can pull it off (Sora & co. in Port Royal), then we certainly can work with it. Stretch your imagination, have fun with the situation and work with it as best you can. Don't make it a big point because it simply isn't.

    So that’s it for the user info. Get to RPing NOW!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    You can link back to us in your LJ user lookup using the banner You can advertise this community in other places with the...advertisement. Just copy and paste what's in the text boxes. Please do not hotlink, because that's not cool.

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    It’s an awesome community moderated by my online mom.
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    A neat community all about Aladdin.
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    A great community to get Disney icons from. The talent there is hotness.
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    A community owned by one of my friends that allows you to have legal ownership over different characters.
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    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    More good icons...

    The website Aladdin Central is also a great website to go to for Aladdin media and fanfiction. The gif for the community logo also came from the site, so credit monkies to them.
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